Top Secrets of Maintaining an Instagram Account

Instagram is a unique social platform aimed at promotion. Offering a wide range of different options and tools, it opens up endless possibilities for expanding the target audience, attracting new followers, popularizing the name brand. Some users buy Instagram likes for coins, but we will share more useful tips and recommendations for maintaining an account and getting these for free!


  1. Instagram features
  2. Rules of maintaining an account

2.1 Concept

2.2. Single style

2.3. Storytelling

Instagram features

Instagram is a popular mobile app created for sharing photos and videos. Complemented by the elements of a classic social network, it offers endless opportunities for:

  • promotion;
  • business;
  • increase of sales;
  • audience expansion;
  • attracting new customers.

Today, the app is actively used by both novice businessmen and big transnational corporations, international editions. The convenience of the site is due to the following factors:

  • high susceptibility of users to advertising;
  • multi-million coverage;
  • necessary functionality;
  • tracking statistics;
  • simple search for products and events by hashtags.

Today, in the social network, you can find several types of pages: personal accounts, thematic communities, showrooms or online stores, business accounts, bloggers, brand accounts and celebrities.

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Rules of maintaining an account

Despite the variety of pages presented in the app, the basic principles of maintaining accounts are highlighted. Let’s discuss them further.


Starting a page, you must clearly understand your goals: will you publish posts to increase sales, popularize your own brand or increase the army of fans? Only by defining the key mission of the blog, you will be able formulate the tasks necessary for its implementation.

So, for example, if you are a cosmetologist whose goal is to attract new customers, your posts should be primarily informational in nature, telling about the benefits of a particular service. If you are a travel blogger, your feed should be filled with posts in the storytelling genre, contain useful tips and life hacks for travelers.

Single style

Do not forget about the importance of the visual component. Beautiful images are an effective marketing tool helping sell and promote a specific product. Fortunately, today you can easily find stylish presets and templates that will quickly transform your account.

You will not be able to collect a lot of likes without bright and effective posts. You can also buy 500 Instagram likes, using the specialized services, for example, ALL-SMM.

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Storytelling is a contemporary genre of dramaturgy designed to convey important information in the form of entertaining short stories. Featuring a light and unobtrusive nature, it attracts the attention of followers, enhances their trust in the owner of the page.

In conclusion, we would like to note that following only one of the listed rules will not give the desired results. To increase activity and reach, you should use all of them together.