TikTok Memes and Cool Videos. How to Attract Followers?

The social network TikTok conquers more and more users every year. Its audience is more than half a billion users, mostly young people. The main question users ask is how to gain followers on tik tok fast and become popular? There are two ways of promoting your account:

  • Promoting your page yourself
  • Using professional help


  • Interesting videos attract followers
  • Extraordinary shot
  • Special effects
  • Popular memes
  • Family memes
  • Energetic dances
  • Changing the image

Interesting videos attract followers

How to get more followers on TikTok without downloading apps? The first thing you need to learn is how to shoot interesting videos. There are many videos in the network, users choose only those interesting and trending. The rest of the videos will just “pass by”. If the user sees that there is much interesting on the page, he will start following this page not to miss the next video.

Extraordinary shot

When the camera is always at hand, an interesting shot will not be missed. Every blogger dreams about appearing with the camera at the right time and in the right place. Someone keeps the lens always on the alert, while others act spontaneously.

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Special effects

How to do without them? The video will not be interesting if you do not add one or two special effects. Many users are accustomed to the video effects, filters, flicking, shaking. They no longer imagine a good video without such “stuff.” On TikTok these effects are easy to be added. There is a tab “In trend”, which will help you add the “top” effects.

Popular memes

Pay attention meme is the key to success and popularity of cool videos. Not all the video plots become memes. But many popular memes help to promote users. To find a good meme, just watch some of the most popular videos or the TikTok selection.

Family memes

Many young bloggers start involving their moms, dads, grandmothers and older people to their videos. In family memes, you can see couples where a husband and his wife dance energetically or change their style. There are videos where the whole family is involved: mom, dad and several kids.

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Energetic dancing

What a cool video could be there without an energetic dance? Dances have always been and stay in trend. But before shooting a movie, you have to practice. Nice dance to popular music can easily become a TikTok meme. Dancing can be performed on your own, in pairs or even in groups.

Changing the image

Various changes of images are popular among memes. Most often, the authors of commercials use:

  • Changing of clothes
  • Transformation from girl to boy
  • Changing hair color

And if you add good music and a couple of cool effects, the video will be liked by many users and will get to the TOP.