Secrets of Instagram Page Promotion

Instagram provides an excellent opportunity to promote your business, get popular, show yourself to others, express your opinion, share your photos with a wide audience, etc. But, if you dream about getting more likes on Instagram, but it doesn’t work out in any way, do not despair, use our tips from below.


  • Applying hashtags
  • Mutual likes
  • Filters
  • Adjusting to the audience and followers
  • Share what you are interested in
  • Promotion with purchased likes

Applying hashtags

This is the easiest option. Use the high frequency expressions in Russian, English or keywords. The more of them, the greater is the likelihood that your photos will get viewed. You can apply this feature as much as possible. The most popular hashtags and community hashtags can help you.

For example: #meInNature #nature #sunset #relax #environment #beautifulworld #outdoors

Mutual likes

Put your hashtag. Put likes to the users with the same hashtags. As a rule, several people can rate you in return. But this is not enough, so let’s move on…

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Apply a filter. If you do not have an iPhone and a smartphone with a good camera, this idea will help to improve the photo. On the phone, by using applications (such as X-Proll, Aviary, Valencia) and Photoshop, you can get such an unrealistic image that there will be a great difference before and after. Change the contrast, shade, add brightness and color. Think it over!

Adjusting to the audience and followers

Make people like you. If not you, then your photos. Think about what is interesting to your fans. Can these be fascinating views, travels, shopping or design? Everyone loves either high quality or originality and uniqueness. Therefore, from all the pictures, choose the most beautiful ones.

Share what you are interested in

In other words, you should be fun. Post photos of your window view (if you are in Paris, Moscow City or in any other place with a nice view), try shooting short videos (how you walk with a dog, do sports or how you jump out of the helicopter). The latter one looks like the most trending thought! Share your personal Stories. If you want, you can shoot life stories (like Gan13) and moments from life like Huseyn Hasanov (nice guys, by the way). You can implement some of the ideas you like (theirs or borrowed from other users)!

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Promotion with purchased likes

Likes can undoubtedly bring your posts to the top. Thanks to them, you will get more followers, likes, comments and of course, attention. They will add activity to the profile and help stand out from the “grayish” crowd.

You can buy Instagram likes and comments if you use a service that uses bots with a lookalike audience. Over time, the number of followers will drop, as the bots will unsubscribe.

A better option, in our opinion, is to put likes to the others, follow strangers and thereby “attract” new friends.

Now it remains only to apply all our tips. Try not to lose anything. And later you can share your success story with us. Good luck!