Instagram Likes Boost: Tips and Tricks

During several years Instagram has grown from a simple online blog into a major business tool attracting the attention of sponsors, employers and partners. If you plan to develop your account, purchase instagram likes will help. But waiting for users to appreciate interesting posts and flood your publications with ‘thumbs up’ will take a long time. However, today there are effective ways to simulate activity in the account, which will bring more ‘live’ followers.


  • Paid or free?
  • Paid services
  • Fulfilling tasks
  • Advertising
  • Who should boost likes?

Paid or free?

Free methods are good only because you save money. But it will take months before you achieve the desired indicators, while your competitors will already have followers and will be receiving profit. People who prefer ‘live’ followers, not bots, prefer to gain them themselves. Creating interesting content, they expect that their target audience will notice them.

At the same time, the owners of other accounts will actively promote their posts, as a result their coverage will increase, while the post, written carefully by a person in search for ‘his’ followers, will not even appear among the recommended posts. As a result, there will be less likes than expected. It is important to write interesting texts, select beautiful photos, but you cannot neglect the paid promotion opportunities available to everyone today! Instagram is a business, and any business needs investments into the successful start. Therefore likes boost is an inexpensive and effective way that should not be neglected.

Instagram likes boost – what is it? The purpose of this process is to increase the number of reactions to your post. When a user puts likes, the post raises higher in the overall rating, which make it more noticeable for other people not following you. How can this be done?

Paid services

The fastest way is to make likes with special programs. They do not even need to be downloaded to a computer or phone. It is enough to register on the site, make a payment and set up a bot that will put likes to other users. Human psychology works in the way that when people pay attention to someone, he also gets interested. For example, the program will give each user at least 6-10 likes in a row. This will get his interest, and he will visit your account for putting likes.

You can always use filters so that the program puts likes to your target audience depending on age, gender, location, occupation, interests, number of followers. You can also set the settings to boost Instagram likes to the last photo or previous posts. Usually in 2-3 days the post will be promoted and brought to the category of recommendations.

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Fulfilling tasks

There are services, where after registering, you can like other people’s posts and earn virtual money. There you can then buy likes from bots and also promote the posts. This method is suitable for those who have a lot of spare time. But if you want to be engaged into business seriously, it is better to concentrate at work, and to entrust the likes boost to freelancers.


You can buy ads from bloggers or promote the publication on Instagram, paying for the services. This way you will achieve not only an increase of likes, but also of followers. The main disadvantage of such boost is its unpredictability. Advertising by even a well-known blogger may not give the planned result.

Who should boost likes?

If you have an account that you use as a blog or photo diary, where relatives and friends can watch what is happening in your life, you definitely do not need lots of the reaction from strangers. But it is worthwhile to take care of likes boost in the following situations:

  • business promotion and customers search not only offline, but also on the Internet, in different regions and countries;
  • attracting the attention of advertisers, who will then pay for posts and reviews, invite to the press tours;
  • participation in contests where you have to put like to a photo.

Today likes boost is rather cheap due to the large number of competing professionals offering this Instagram marketing service. It is worth taking the opportunity to quickly develop your account, so that later it works for you!