Features of Instagram Television IGTV

YouTube laurels have long haunted the Instagram owners. When the social network was acquired by Facebook, it became clear that competition with Google services got even more intense. Thanks to the financial and technological resources of the most popular social network, Instagram owners added the opportunity of publishing long videos. The feature is called IGTV.


  • What is IGTV and how to use it
  • Video formats and sizes
  • Benefits of IGTV
  • Conclusion

What is IGTV and how to use it

Statistics show that TV channels are losing their former popularity. More video content users are opting for YouTube. Services such as NetFlix are growing daily by new users. The social network Instagram did not sit aside and also paid great attention to the video content.

Unlike live streaming and Stories, IGTV is a pre-recorded video lasting from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Using this feature, you can turn your blog into a real video channel and get more likes on Instagram.

Video formats and sizes

The IGTV videos are vertically oriented, but it is possible to turn them in the editor and make them horizontal. The user can choose the appropriate sizes: 4:5 or 9:16.

The IGTV feature supports 60 minute videos, but they are only available for the channel owners. These can be created in the IGTV app. For everyone else, the maximum size is 10 minutes (up to 650 MB).

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Benefits of IGTV

In the era when bloggers generate more video content than TV channels, a new tool for creating affordable TV seems quite promising. Initially, the IGTV feature was designed to promote bloggers on Instagram. But gradually, this tool will turn into a full-fledged video hosting capable of competing with YouTube.

Like any video service, videos can be liked, commented on and sent to Direct. When using this service, videos will turn on automatically and broadcasted to the followers. You can use the “Popular” and “For You” tabs to search for something interesting. All channels you follow will appear in the “Follows” tab.

Don’t know what to post on Instagram to get likes? Try yourself in the field of creating video content.


Instagram statistics claims that Stories have a daily audience of 300 million people, and the number of Instagram users has exceeded 1 billion users. These numbers confirm the high potential of IGTV. Instagram TV will be a huge success. This video platform can outperform similar services in the nearest future.