Editing Instagram Pictures

More often, you can see questions about how to get more likes on Instagram pictures. Page promotion is needed to increase revenue in the social network. Likes, followers and comments increase the popularity of an Instagram account.


  • Masks, boomerang and filters for pictures and videos
  • How to make a masked Instagram picture?
  • Using the boomerang effect
  • What filters are there on Instagram?

Masks, boomerang and filters for pictures and videos

To get 500 followers on Instagram free, it is important to keep track of your account. Various effects and features of Instagram allow to create original, funny and attractive pictures and videos. The features are installed by default in the app, so it is not necessary to download other programs for converting pictures and videos.

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How to make a masked Instagram picture?

To take a selfie with a mask of a cat, a rabbit, a teddy bear or other images, go to the Stories section. At the bottom on the right, you will see the emoticon, the menu of various masks and images. Choosing the right one from the catalog, take a picture. It is not necessary to post this picture on Instagram. You can save it in the memory of your device by tapping the downwards arrow icon. You can also use masks when shooting a video: for this, tap the camera button and hold it.

Using the boomerang effect

This feature can also be found in the Story menu. The essence of the “boomerang” option is to create a short loop video. It looks like a GIF-style animation. To create such a video, select the mode and start shooting any action. Looping video can be used when filming kids, playing with animals or many other interesting moments.

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What filters are there on Instagram?

Using filters allows to make a video or picture stylish and original. A filter is an automatic adjustment of a certain color overlay on a picture. Using the filter, you can make a picture or video lighter or darker, add brightness to its colors or, vice a versa, “calm” the shades. Also in the settings you can increase or decrease the intensity of the filter, making it less noticeable. But there is no need to use filters thoughtlessly, turning the picture into a ridiculously unnatural one.

Users pay great attention to the pictures and videos in their account in order to increase the popularity of their page. The higher is the rating, the more you can earn on Instagram. But there are other ways to increase the number of followers. Bloggers recommend contacting specialists who quickly increase their account rating. For example, the All-SMM service. Services for promoting an Instagram account will pay off soon. Moreover, the used methods are not prohibited by the administration of the social network.